Area of focus:

The area of focus in the company concept is on real estate in high margin conurbations in the Federal Republic of Germany and on holding company shares of companies with successful property management.

Immovaria Real Estate AG acquires these residential and commercial properties with the purpose of developing a high margin and unencumbered real estate portfolio. The location is just as decisive of a factor as the prospect and the expandability of the earnings potential.

For this reason properties with an appropriate vacancy rate and no maintenance backlogs are of interest for the portfolio and receive an non-binding appraisal should the owner of the property intend to sell.

Immovaria Real Estate AG is extremely flexible for all opportunities that arise, as liquidity can be procured directly and there is no need to work out standard financing concepts.

Under the corporate strategy "from material assets to dividends" we actively contact real estate sellers who want to turn their illiquid real estate into liquid share values while also wanting to share in the yields of all properties (belonging to Immovaria Real Estate AG).

For this reason individual properties and portfolios that are unencumbered that can be paid for with shares are considered by Immovaria Real Estate AG as potential investments. The focus of the investments is always on the ambition to present the most appealing dividend to the shareholders.