Excellent opportunities for equity investors:

In addition to aspired , Immovaria Real Estate AG offers its investors many other benefits that serve as reasons for directly investing (without the sale of real estate) in the company’s depot (see diagram).

The employees’ many years of experience allows the company to improve vacancy rates and improve the earnings situation for the company and thereby for all shareholders with regards to the share price and dividend payments.
The regularity of dividend payments at regular intervals during the year gives investors planning certainty and a calculable return on investment.

As there are only unencumbered properties in the company’s portfolio, the risk of the capital company going bankrupt is very low for investors. The investor can buy or sell shares in the depot on the stock exchange through any broker at any time, which gives the investor complete control over the investment and his/her liquidity.

Reasons for investing in shares of Immovaria Real Estate AG

  • You do not take on any debt for a property; you only participate in dividend payouts and the share performance
  • You receive stable and regular dividends instead of uncertain rent payments and constant charges for interest and amortisation
  • You profit from the increased value of the real estate portfolio via the share price, e.g. through the reduction of the vacancy rate
  • You also participate in the success of other (also unencumbered) properties owned by the company
  • You are investing with almost no financing risk.

Maximum transparency for our shareholders:

The new business model is already in the implementation phase. The equity capital will be distributed more widely following the next investment in kind. Negotiations for the next acquisition will be carried out continuously. As a result in additional unencumbered properties or property packages being added to the company’s portfolio.