Immovaria Real Estate AG is a uniquely positioned real estate and holding company with an innovative business model under which it invests its assets in real estate and holdings of all kinds. The area of focus in the company concept is on real estate in high margin conurbations in the Federal Republic of Germany and on holding company shares of companies with successful property management. [more]


Unlike its competitors on the market, Immovaria Real Estate AG follows a unique and innovative business model. The company is committed to generate as high as possible dividends to its shareholders. Growth comes from transforming real estate material assets into shares of the company and increasing their value by applying the company’s many years of experience of the management. [more]


For investors, analysts and financial media: We regularly report on the implementation of our growth strategy and on details relating to Immovaria Real Estate AG shares. You can find interesting information and take note of our regular updates here. [more]


11/25/2016 On it's Annual General Meeting on June 24, 2016 Immovaria Real Estate AG has chosen to move it's office from Berlin to Nuremberg [more]

06/29/2016 Press release on certified annual financial statement 2015 (German). You will find the financial statements 2015 and the Management Report (German), certified by the auditor, in the submenu [Annual financial statement and statement of cash flows]

05/18/2016 Invitation to the Annual General Meeting on June 24, 2016. You will find our invitation (in German) at the menu category[General Meeting]

04/29/2016 Squeeze out request cancelled [download]

11/13/2015 Our Presentation of the 56th m:access analysts conference dated 12.11. 2014 can be found under the following link: [more]