Fixed assets:

Immovaria Real Estate AG is the owner of three commercial units in Berlin-Friedrichshain currently under lease.
Office unit Wilhelm-Stolze-Str. 19, 111.53 m²
Shop unit 1 Matternstr. 6, 29.99  m²
Shop unit 2 Matternstr. 6, 85.01  m²

The book value of these objects (as of 31/12/2012) is 200,584.00 EUR.
Their market price according to the appraisal (from 25/06/2012) is 221,500.00 EUR.

Financial assets (equity holdings):

Immovaria Real Estate AG currently holds 94% of IMMOVARIA Plauen Grundbesitz GmbH & Co. KG.
IMMOVARIA Plauen Grundbesitz GmbH & Co. KG. is the owner of 77 units at seven locations in Plauen. 

These encompass:
52 apartments with 3,209.70 m² living space
25 commercial units with 3,308.12 m² floor space
77 garage parking spaces and 6 off-street parking spaces.

The book value of this equity holding corresponds to the purchase cost and totals (as of 31/12/2012) 4,985,771.00 EUR.

All properties held by this company were financed with equity capital and are not encumbered by land charges/mortgages. (after the cancellation of the land charges for securing former, amortised loans)

The equity holding resulted from the capital in kind increase of Axtmann Holding AG in exchange for the issuance of 2,491,000 new shares. The latter retains 6% of the limited liability capital.